• To determine which school a student may attend, which bus he or she may ride, or if there are transportation services provided in a specific area, the “School Finder” feature provided through Infofinder LE on the PfISD home page is an excellent resource. To use this tool properly, follow the instructions below:
    1. Type in the student’s home address.
    2. Click “search”.
    3. A list of addresses will display. Please click on the student’s home address.
    4. Schools that students in that attendance zone may attend will display.
    5. If the student is in an ESL, BILINGUAL, or ASCEND program, please look for the campuses clearly designated as being for ESL, BILINGUAL, or ASCEND students. Otherwise, the campus not designated for those programs will be the school the student will attend.
    6. Once you have determined which school the student will attend, note that the box will indicate whether or not bus transportation is provided. If transportation is provided, the bus number, along with other pertinent route information will display. If transportation is not provided, it will state “NO BUS TRANSPORTATION”.

    Please visit the following link to access the school finder feature:
    School Finder