• Family Foundations

    While placed at the Provan Opportunity Center, you and your student may have the option to attend evening classes together.  The courses are designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your student, and open new lines of communication in your family.  Topics include communication, building resiliency, having tough conversations, and supporting your student throug hmiddle and high school.


    Sessions will be held every Thursday evening starting at 6:00 p.m.  Credit towards a student's Provan Opportunity Center placement will be given for successful completion of the Family Foundations courses.  The same parent / guardian must attend with their student, and a student may only be eligible for a reduction of placement once per academic year.


    While child care is not provided, the courses are only appropriate for middle and high school aged children.  If you have middle or high school aged siblings, feel free to bring them to the sessions as well.  Further questions can be addressed by the Provan Opportunity Center counseling department.