Westview Middle School Science Department


    Science Dept.

    Top row (left to right): Inell Benn-Harvey; Mike Springfield; Juan Hinojosa;

    Karen Doyle; Gracie Ramirez; Megan Gallagher; Caitlin Cooper

    Bottom row (left to right):  Ryan Kyles; Courtney Engelke; Catherine Berry; Andrea Alvarado


    Important Science Dates

    Homework Hall & Tutorial Timeline for Science
    Homework Assignment Day                                        Friday
    Homework Due Day                                                  Monday
    Teacher Assigns Tutorials & Homework Hall          Tuesday
    Tutorials & Homework Hall  Held                        Wednesday

    Pre-AP Science Projects

    Students enrolled in a Science Pre-AP class will have the opportunity to engage in a project of their choosing for the Pre-AP district required project. A Science Project Night will be held in May, following the Science STAAR Exam, to experience and celebrate each student’s hard work and success in Science!

    8th Grade STAAR Exam-
    District Assessment 1 
    Mock STAAR -
    District Assessment 2