• The BES Library
    BES students have the opportunity to visit the library each day during the open check out period or with their classes each week during a scheduled library time.
    Students in PK-K are allowed to have one book at a time and that book will remain in the classroom. Students in grades 1 and 2 may have two at a time, and those in grades 3-5 may have up to three books out at a time.
    The lending period is one week, and books may be rechecked once if needed.
    Fines are not charged for late materials. However, borrowing privileges are suspended until materials are either returned, or are marked lost and paid for by the student. Families may choose to pay for misplaced items in full, or can pay a bit each week to restore the student's account and privileges. Please note - payments in full must be paid in the exact amount, or with a check written to Brookhollow Elementary School.
    If you are concerned about your child’s library account please feel free to call Mrs. Drake at 512-594-5221.

    Research and Online Resources
    PfISD and Brookhollow Elementary School have a wide variety of online resources for students and their families. Most are listed under the district tabs, such as the butterfly icon and on the BES Library Home page. Usernames and passwords differ from source to source. Please contact the librarian, Mrs. Drake at 512-594-5221 for information of the sources and login information.

    Library Catalog
    Students and parents may access the BES library catalog from any Internet connection.
    Users may search the online catalog, create lists of books they would like to read, and keep track of books read from the Destiny Quest catalog. Each student must log into the library catalog with their student identity number and their complex computer password.

    Access to the catalog is also helpful when students wonder what items they have out or when the items are due. Parents can also see pictures of the covers of the titles. This is a helpful tool when trying to track down that last library book to turn in.

    Accelerated Reader
    Brookhollow Elementary participates in the Accelerated Reader program. This program is offered through Renaissance Learning and is accessible from BES computers during school hours Monday – Friday. This program is for students in second through fifth grade and is designed to provide incentives and motivation to read and increase their reading abilities. Students have access to thousands of AR quizzes and may test on books from the BES library, public libraries, and home libraries.