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    Start drinking more water today to be ready for this week's 7 a.m. practice sessions. I'll see 5th graders on Tuesday and 4th graders on Wednesday.  Remember to enter through the back patio door on East side of the building.  Younger siblings are invited to come early to save parents a trip.


    If you missed an organizational meeting, ask me for a green permission form today!  



    We will support the American Heart Association's mission to reduce heart disease and stroker through a February 2019 fundraising event called Kids Heart Challenge.

    fight against heart disease and stroke.  Click here for a list of the moves to use in your training routine.  Our

    first meeting will be on Monday, October 15, or Tuesday October 16, or Wednesday October 17 at 7 am. 

    Just drop your student off in the back so he/she can enter through the back door.


    Click Here for Hot Shots Permission Form

    Hot Shots.......have heart!
    Mrs. Craft
    Hot Shots' Sponsor
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    Murchison Mustang Movers 
    Our mission is to equip learners with the knowledge, fitness and skills that will
    empower them to make health and wellness a lifelong priority. 
    healthiest school  
    Winner, winner healthy habits, and breakfasts, and lunches and dinners! 
    Murchison Elementary is 2017-2018 Healthiest School Award Earner.
    Keep up the important Home Work, friends.
     sp 2018-2019 Safety Patrol Crew #1 Jumps for Joy 
    SP #1  
    Safety Patrol #!
     Walkers and bikers are superior harvesters of peppers and cherry tomatoes.  


    What's in a game?

    Physical education classes at MES are designed to develop your student's balance, body control, movement skills, knowledge base  and preference for healthy habits. We follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for Physical and Health Education plus the Coordinated Approach to Child Health program.  
    This October,  we are learning about  responses to fire emergencies, striking volleyball style, overhand throwing to staionary targets ad managing our bodies, brains and emotions during physical activities.  Come in anytime with your athletic shoes tied and have some fun!
    Murchison families' and staff members' commitment to health and wellness earned MES the Mayor's Healthiest School Award from Mayor Steve Adler and the ATX Mayor's Fitness Council.  The $1,000 mini-grant will energize our Walking School Bus program by incentivizing "riders" with GO!Garden time during P.E., Shoekens and prizes for riding frequency.  Thanks Mayor Adler, we are honored to be a part of your wellness plan for the Healthiest City in America. 
    With 50 minutes and athletic shoes, you can make an impact on your wellness while being a positive role model to our Mustangs.  Check out our daily schedule and join the fun in the Murchison Mustang Movers'  gym.  
    You'll be glad you did!
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