• One Week to go

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 12/14/2017

    Your student should have recieved their IPR today. They have one week to get grades up before the grading period ends. Please make sure they are going to EPIC and tutoring next Monday and Tuesday.

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  • Another 3 weeks almost down

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 11/2/2017

    The 3 weeks for the next IPR ends next Thursday. Please remind your student to check their grades. Saturday our 7th grade girls will play for the volleyball championship. The boys will paly in the runners up bracket for football. Next week students will also take the English, Science and Math District Assessments throught the week. Zaxby's night is Wednesday. All you need to do is go make a purchase between 6-8 and a portion of the money spent will go to PTO. 

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  • Reports Card Where are they?

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 10/30/2017

    Reports card will be mailed home for the first nine weeks. Many report cards will also include STARR scores. You can go online to get the interactive version of your students STAAR scroes and to see there history.

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  • Starting the 2nd 9 Weeks Already

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 10/22/2017

    The school year is moving fast. This 9 weeks is again a quick 9 weeks as it is only 8ish weeks long. So please make sure you are helping your students stay up on their grades. Please continue to encourage them to come to tutoring.

    10/26 Science Unity 3

    11/1 Math PreAP Unit 3 Test

    11/3 Science Unit 3B, gen ed project due, Math GL Unit 3 Test

    11/7 AVID fieldtrip to UMHB

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  • What is coming up?

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 10/5/2017

    End of the 9 weeks if fast approaching. The 2nd IPR will come home next week on 10/13 and the 9 weeks ends on 10/19. Please make sure you are having your student check their grades. I am looing forward to next weeks football games after it canceled this week. 7th grade will now be at home. Below are upcoming test dates. Also make sure to check the teachers lesson plans for what is happeing in class.


    10/12 ELA Revising & Editing Test

    10/13 Math grade level Unit 2 assessment

    10/16 Ambassador Mtg. during EPIC

    10/20 TX History Unit 3 grade level

    10/24 Pep Rally

    10/25 Early Release

    10/26 Science Unit 3A test

    11/3 Science Unit 3B

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  • 9 Weeks ending soon

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 9/29/2017

    Just a reminder that this is a short 9 weeks. The next IPR will come out in 2 weeks and ends next Friday. Any student failing when IPR's come out will be ineligible for until 9 weeks report cards come out. Since it is a short 9 weeks grades will be pulled for report cards 6 days after the IPR comes home so please be checking your students grades on FOCUS. 

    Also, congratulations to our sports teams. They are getting off to a great start and playing hard. Check out facebook for pictures. 

    There are also some amazing things happening in the classrooms. Ask your students what they are learning. We will post pictures at times of some of the great learning happening here on campus.

    Also, we will be giving flu shots here on campus to students. Check out the link on the home page.

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  • 2nd Week in the books

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 9/10/2017

    Another week has flown by. The volleyball team played their first game this week and the A & B team both game home with 2 victories. Way to go volleyball. It is now time for unit test and the end of the first 3 weeks.  I know things are moving fast. Friday will be the end of the first 3 weeks and IPR's will be coming out the following week. Please make sure you are checkig your students agendas and grades. The agenda is a great place to see what students are learning each day and possible homework. You can check your students grades on FOCUS. I would encourage your student to pull their grades and then share them with you. Coming up this week a football scrimmage on Wednesday at PCMS and Volleyball will play on Thursday.

    Upcoming Dates:

    9/14 ELA Unit 1 Test

    9/15 Science & SS Unit 1 Test

    9/19 Football v CMS (away), Math PreAP Unit 1 Test

    9/20 Faculty Meeting

    9/21 School Picture Day

    10/4 Science Unit 2 Test

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  • First week is in the books

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 8/31/2017

    Wow the first week of school has flown by. It started off a little crazy with all the weather and delayed start and modified schedule but, we have finished the week in amazing fashion. Our students have done a great job of getting to classes and being engaged in classes. The busses seem to have figured out their routes and are arriving on time. Please know we continue to reach out to Durham to communicate how the bus operations are going and we appreciate your patience.

    The girl's volleyball team has almost been decided. Football is practicing. 

    Next week holds our first volleyball game and Open House. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Important upcoming dates

    9/4 School Holiday

    9/5 Open House 6-8 p.m., Sub Folders due to Gytri, Handbook read receipt due


    9/19 Football v CMS (away)

    9/20 Faculty Meeting

    9/21 School Picture Day

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  • I did not make it to Schedule Verification Now What

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 8/18/2017

    If you were not able to attend schedule verification do not worry. Your student will still get their schedule on the first day of school. We will be sending home the first day packet with our student to fill out and ask that you return it completed as soon as possible. If your student has not gotten updated shots they will need to do so before they are allowed to start school.

    So where does my student go on the first day. This will be posted on the school windows on Friday 8/25/17. This will be where they report first they and become their EPIC 1.0 room. We will also have teachers in the hallways ready to help direct students to the proper place.

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  • The New School Year is Near

    Posted by Clint Shuman on 8/10/2017

    So the new school year is getting close. I hope everyone had a great and relaxing summer. I am looking forward to another great school year. So what is coming up?

    Athletics - Physical you will need one completed before you can tryout

                   Football Equiment pick up Aug 15 : 8th grade 4:30-5:30 pm & 7th grade 5:30-6:30 pm

                   Football tryouts

                   Volleyball Tryouts

    Course Verification August 15 4:30 to 7

    Summer Reading for Pre-AP English studnets

    First Day of School - August 28. Room locations will be posted on the windows on Aug 25 so your students knows where to go first period.

    Open House - September 5 from 6-8

    School Pictures - September 21          



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