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Meet PfISD's Registered Dietician

March 5, 2020

Mary Katharine Crowley At Pflugerville ISD, we have a mix of new and tenured, young and experienced student and staff. Below is a spotlight on just one we’re proud to call a member of our Pfamily:


Mary Katharine Crowley:

  • registered dietitian, PfISD Food and Child Nutrition Services


Started in PfISD: 2019

Education: master’s degree from Texas Women’s University

Job duties:

As the school district’s nutrition expert, Mary Katharine Crowley works to assure PfISD is meeting state and national nutritional guidelines.

“Our responsibilities are to ensure nutritional compliance of everything that goes out on the line, from breakfast to afterschool snack to dinner,” Crowley said.

She also works on nutrition education and with district Food and Child Nutrition Services staff on annual menu development. This includes the creation of dishes for students with specialized diets, such as those suffering from anaphylactic allergens.

“We try to normalize the eating experience for them,” she added.

Crowley notes the ever-changing nature of her occupation keeps it interesting.

“It’s definitely something that I’m really proud to say I do,” she said. “It’s been challenging but also very rewarding.”